Songs by Alabama Musicians


( The best song with Alabama connections released this year features the antagonist from “Wedding Crashers” on lead vocals. But “Maybe It’s Time,” penned by Grammy-winning Green Hill native Jason Isbell for the box-office hit remake of “A Star is Born,” doesn’t feature any Alabama musicians, including Isbell, on the song’s soundtrack recording. (Although for the record, actor and Philadelphia product Bradley Cooper sings it well.) Isbell recently began performing “Maybe It’s Time” in concert, as an encore. It seems likely an Isbell recording, live or studio, of this timeless-sounding tune will eventually be released. But that’s not happening in 2018. Below is a list of 50 of the best songs that were released this year, by Alabama-based artists or with strong roots here. Stylistically, the Tracks traverse rock, rap, R&B, country, pop, folk and beyond. A few artists featured are nationally known, others established local or regional acts, and some are just getting started. Maybe by giving a listen you’ll find your next favorite Alabama singer or band – and, down the line, another star will be born. (Alabama artists released more than 50 good tunes in 2018.