Do you ever think, “I wonder if I’m an alcoholic?” Well, you probably are! I AM!



On January 7th 2010, I watched the Alabama / Texas Football National Championship game on television.  I thought many times throughout the game, this would probably be my last football game to watch.  I figured I would would be dead before August when the next season started.

Although I had drank for many years, since November 2009, I had drank a 5th of Vodka every day.  Even before then, I had joked many times I was an alcoholic “out of denial.” On this night I KNEW I was a serious alcoholic, I was ashamed, and could not think of forgiving myself for being a victim to this “social issue.”

A very close friend of mine had been to alcohol rehab about 10 years earlier and I had heard him/her say many times they would NEVER touch anymore alcohol.  This was scary to me.  I couldn’t imagine going out and not having a drink.

Through all of my years of drinking, I never missed a day of work, due to a hangover.  I did sleep late one morning at a trial in North Alabama, but the lawyers knew something was wrong, because I had not made it to breakfast so they got me up in time to be in Court on time and get my work done.

On January 26th,  2010 that all changed.  I got up and felt like crap.  I could not answer the bell and I called into work and told them I was sick.  I made up my mind that day, I was not going to drink.  That lasted until about 3 PM and I was in the liquor store.  On this day, I just sipped the vodka, instead of just gulping it,  with my favorite mixer, spit. I knew on this day, what a mess I was in.

About 6 PM, I knew I wanted and needed help.  I called my Dr., Dr. Eric Hemberg, and asked him if he could call me in a prescription to make me sick when I drank, to help me stop drinking.  He told me he would be glad to.

I was just listening to CD’s thinking about the mess I was in.  As fate would have it, a song by Kenny Rogers, “Water and Bridges.” came on.  This song hit me like a rock!  I was in tears and I just broke,  down thinking about what I had put my family through.  I had to stop kidding myself.  I HAD TO HAVE  HELP TO LIVE.

Living from payday to payday, I called a Larry Morris, the Senior Partner of the the law firm I worked for and told him I needed help, but I was not sure I could afford it.  He said, “YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!”  “We are behind you Big Boy!”  I was also given support by Randy Haynes and Clay Hornsby the other 2 partners at the firm.  Not only did they give me support then, but they supported me until I retired and they do until this day. The Morris Haynes Law Firm are wonderful people!

After I called my bosses, I called Dr. Hemberg back and told him I thought I wanted to go to rehab.  He said. ” I will meet you right now and get it done.”  I told him I was drinking and I wanted to go sober. He has some medical procedures the next morning and he asked me if I could make it until 1PM and be in his office.  I told him I could probably make it until 1, but I was not sure if I could make it after 2.  I would go to work at 6 am so 2 was my magic hour to pop the top.  Me and my family was at the office a 11 AM.

While all of this was going on, on the night of January 26th, my wife and son were bowling in a league.  I called them and told them I was going to rehab the next day.  They acted happy, but in their mind, they didn’t think it was true.  I FELT RELIEVED, THE DECISION WAS MADE, BUT I NEEDED ANOTHER GOOD DRINK.  I went to a local pub and told the owner I was going to rehab and I needed 1 more good last drink.  She made me one, told me to take it home and only then drink it at home.  I have no idea what it was, but I took a couple of swallows and the next thing I knew, it was the 1st day I would go without  a drink, January 27th, 2010.

Today is January 27th, 2019.  With the help of my higher Power, God, my family, my friends, Kay Canady my counselor at rehab, AA, a great sponsor and a lot of prayers, I have not touched a drink of alcohol in 9 years today.

Alcoholism IS NOT A SOCIAL ISSUE!  It is a disease.  It is in your genes.  I am at least a 3rd generation alcoholic. There is help!    Thank God, I have not even had the urge to take a drink in over 6 years.  Even before then I only had the urge 6 times.  I remember all 6 situations and I try to avoid them, since they happened.

As you can see in the “hippie pic”, a recovering alcoholic can have fun!  It is not a life of gloom and doom!

If you think you have an issue, think about getting some help.  If my weak self can do it, you can.  The morning headaches will cease.  The wondering of if you made a drunk fool of yourself are over.  Whether you go to rehab, go the AA route with the 12 step program, you will learn how the disease can be taken care of, ONE DAY AT A TIME!.  The “one day at a time” adds up and thank you God for the 9 years of sobriety you have given me!