A FOLLOW-UP. Sobriety is not easy! Just trust in your higher power and say a lot of prayers.


I have not met so many of you, but I feel as many post and responses I get, there have been friendship’s made.

I will not be one who post a lot on the Bugle Pages about my personal life, unless I feel it may help some one.  I am so grateful for the responses I received about my sobriety post last week, I just had to let you know, you never know when you will have an issue and, thanks to MY HIGHER POWER, GOD, I made it. You never know when an urge will hit and ONE DAY AT A TIME IS REAL!

With this said, here is a post I put on my personal page this morning.  Again, please bear with me, I just felt compelled to share.

“I am one who will tell the bad, as well as the good.”

“Yesterday was a TOUGH one. In my 9 years of sobriety, I had not had a “trigger” (feeling like I needed a drink of vodka) in 7 years.”

“I had a STRONG TRIGGER yesterday. Thank GOD I did not act on it, and it took about 10 minutes to get over it. It took saying the Serenity Prayer a few times. One day, one minute or one hour at a time is not just a saying or a joke. IT IS REAL and a it can be a fight when you least expect it.”

“It is sad to say, I was in a position I could not avoid and I will be in it a lot more.”

“The only thing I can say is, I need a lot more patience and I pray for it daily and I wish others had more respect for others feelings and beliefs. It is just an impossible situation, when someone is set in their ways and you are not in a position to do anything about it while showing respect and trying to help all you can in an impossible situation.”

“I will find an AA room today and I am sure I will hear what I need to hear….I always do, THANK GOD!”

Thank all of you for you patience with me, through this post.