By Ricky Price, ALBugle.com

As most of you know, the Super Bowl will be played tonight.  It will be between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It brought back a lot of my childhood memories.  As a child I remember sitting in front of our black and white TV watching the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl when I was a kid.  I like many people in the Valley was pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs because of the 2 men from the Valley playing in the game.  Dave Hill and Bobby Hunt were playing in the game and I remember people who knew them, were setting their schedules to be sure to watch the game.

I had never, nor have ever met them, but they were heroes to this Valley boy with my big imagination.   I felt I knew Dave Hill.  His cousin Pat Brown was my Aunt and his brother, Jody Hill played at Lanett.  I remember when he spoke to this snotty nose kid while he was on the sideline one cold night in Lanett, and it made my day.  I would later get to know Mike Hill, another one of Dave’s brothers, and we are still friends today.

I have heard a lot of sportscast talking about the Super Bowl that year.  Heck, until this year, I couldn’t remember who even won the game.  I do know I was a winner.  I was watching two men from the Valley playing in the Super Bowl. With this kids imagination I acted like I knew them.  I was so proud for them and proud for the Valley who, I remember, was full of pride that week watching Dave and Bobby on the Big Stage.