By Ricky Price, ALBugle.com

Back in my police days, back in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, we had some real mean folks we had to deal with.  Thankfully, we pretty much knew who they were and would approach them accordingly.  Granted every once in a while, especially after crack cocaine hit the streets, a lot of good people turned bad, by surprise, and we were able to handle the situation.   Thankfully, I was out of police work before meth hit the streets.

Back in those days, we did not have body cams, and basically we did what we had to do to get our job done.  I feel for the most part, we were respected and we respected people, as long as they would let us.

I remember so many times talking to the midnight cashiers in the convenience stores and telling them I would not have their job.  Their job was dangerous and they “could not be armed.”  I knew some cashiers who carried a weapon, but I would have never said a word about it.

Yesterday, I read where a Florida State Trooper was shot while helping a stranded motorist.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Many times a week, I am reporting where a officer is shot in this Country.  Has this Country gone that crazy?  I believe a lot of people lack discipline at home, they are on narcotics, or they are just mean as hell that puts them in the mindset to shoot a police officer.

I have noticed some Police have the better than thou attitude.  Usually they will get humbled in their career.  99.9% of the police I know are just good folks trying to make a living for their family.  I pray for them every day.  Police are the only thing we have between us and lawlessness. We need to remember that.

I just can’t imagine policing these days, the way things are, with a body camera.  God bless those of you who do and PLEASE BE SAFE!  I still pray for the convenience store workers too!