Alabama Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit set for Huntsville


Topics being explored at this year’s Summit include:

  • New technologies such as Blockchain and cybersecurity issues in the supply chain
  • Port updates: global logistics views from Alabama ports and transportation partners
  • Roles, responsibilities and regulations in a company’s global supply chain
  • Changes in the supply chain workforce

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Hilda Lockhart, director of Commerce’s Office of International Trade, said the Summit’s agenda reflects how important it is for companies to have a solid supply chain management strategy in place.

“While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to managing supply chains, the topics will cover timely subjects on how to secure the supply chain,” Lockhart said. “Today you have to view the world as being one big supply chain.”

The Summit gets under way at the Westin at 11:30 a.m. Thursday with the 35th Annual Global Trade Day Luncheon. David Fernandes, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, will speak about how the Huntsville manufacturing facility fits into the automaker’s global supply chain and how the plant is being impacted by changing U.S. trade policies.

That afternoon, experts will discuss emerging technologies that enable companies to embrace supply chain complexity and how Blockchain technology will help shape next-generation supply chain networks.

Later, representatives of the Port of Huntsville and the Alabama State Port Authority will participate in a panel discussion on the state’s port facilities and transportation partners. That’s followed by a tour of Palapina’s new air cargo center and perishable facility at the Huntsville Logistics Center.

On Friday, experts will address cybersecurity and regulatory issues affecting supply chains today. Ed Castile, director of AIDT and Commerce’s deputy secretary, Workforce Development Division, will join in a discussion on the changing landscape of the supply chain workforce.

Commerce and the North Alabama International Trade Association are organizing the Summit, along with the Export Alabama Alliance, a network of international trade agencies that help state companies expand their business to global markets. The Port of Huntsville and Panalpina are helping stage the event.

For more information on the Summit, contact Commerce’s Beau Lore at [email protected] or at 334-242-0450.

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