Millbrook Police have one in custody after woman assaulted inside Winn Dixie; Victim fought back

BY SARAH STEPHENS, Elmore Autauga News
MILLBROOK, AL. Shoppers at the Millbrook Winn Dixie were horrified as they watched a woman in line to check out with her groceries being assaulted Thursday evening just before 8 p.m..
Brittany Guyon, who has given us permission to use her name, gave the following breakdown below of what happened to her and members of her family as they were shopping at the store and attempting to check out.
Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson said the incident is under investigation, but one hispanic male is in custody at this time for public intoxication, and he said additional charges will come a the investigation continues. We will update as more information is available.
“I was assaulted in Millbrook Winn Dixie. A Hispanic man came up behind me at the register as I was paying for my groceries,” Brittany Guyon said. “My aunt, niece, and son were with me as well. (The suspect) pointed a gun sign with his fingers at the cashier then grabbed me around my neck and put his gun fingers to my head. I didn’t know what was going on so I stayed calm, I just wanted to be sure that he didn’t really have a gun.”
Brittany said she asked those in the store watching to call 911.
“I told the man to let go of me several times. When he wouldn’t let go of me I looked at (a young family member) and turned around and starting pounding his face. Once (the family member) saw that he started crying and freaking out. I kept telling the man to let me go, and he wouldn’t. I kicked him as hard as I could several times in the privates and he didn’t flinch. I then knew he had to be on something and he smelled of alcohol.”
Brittany said the man would not let her go, so she continued to him as hard as she could in the face. She said she was screaming for help. Her aunt tried to help her until an unidentified elderly man stepped up and helped pull the suspect away.
“The guy ran and tried to enter the office but couldn’t then ran to the pharmacy. About that time the police came in and got him at the pharmacy,” she said. She plans to file additional charges on the subject, who is currently in the Elmore County Jail.
Police believe this could be the same subject who wrecked a vehicle just before this incident near McDonalds but fled the scene on foot. That is also under investigation.
“Thank you to everyone who came to my rescue! And to everyone who has called and texted to check on us. I am fine. I can’t say the same for him,” she said.