Irate customers say Alabama business failed to deliver on Christmas gifts; owner vows to make it right


Customers said Alabama-based Redline Steel, owned by Colin Wayne Erwin, failed to delivery on Christmas orders.


Customers of a North Alabama business are demanding answer on Christmas gifts they say weren’t delivered.

The Facebook page “Redline Steel Rip Off” has picked up more than 170 followers in recent days, many complaining the orders they placed with guaranteed Christmas delivery never arrived. The orders included home décor items from Redline Steel in Tanner, which produces all kinds of home wall decorations made from steel, wood and canvas.

The company, owned by military veteran turned fitness model and entrepreneur Colin Wayne Erwin, also operates Redline Candles and Redline Canvas. All of the companies are frequent advertisers on social media.

“Absolute disappointment. Placed order Nov. 16 and still have not received confirmation of order being sent,” one reviewer said. “This was a Christmas gift that unfortunately will never make it. And the order was assured to be delivered by Christmas for any order placed before Dec. 5. Redline failed all around.”

Other complaints sited similar delays and lack of information on orders as well as difficulty receiving refunds. Some customers were also sent an email shortly before Christmas saying Redline “highly” advised customers to “ have a backup gift readily available” in case their orders didn’t arrive.

In the last four days, Redline has picked up numerous poor reviews on Google, as well as customers who said they’ve made complaints to the Better Business Bureau and Alabama Attorney General’s Office.

The company’s Facebook page is no longer accessible and Redline’s order inquiry phone line said the company is no longer accepting calls.

In a Thursday morning interview with, Erwin said the company is committed to doing everything it can to rectify the situation.

“We are actively working to make this right. We made an error and we are correcting this error and making refunds,” Erwin said.

Erwin said all customers who ordered before Dec. 5 are being offered a full refund. All orders will be filled, he said, unless customers ask for their money back. Other customers will be offered gift cards and Redline has has created a customer complaint form that you can access here.

Erwin said his company has experienced rapid growth in the past three years and aims to be a contributing member of the business community. He said many of the complaints on the Facebook page and other reviews come not from customers but from competitors and former employees and that most of their buyers understand the challenges of a growing business.

“It’s really the loud 1 percent. They 99 percent they understand we are a small growing business. With all growing businesses there are hiccups along the way. We’re really trying,” Erwin said.

In an online video posted shortly before Christmas, Erwin, who also goes by the name Colin Wayne, said the company is receiving about 30,000 emails a week and is “rightfully” getting “beat up.”

“We’re going to be late on a lot of people’s orders against my will,” Erwin said, adding a key piece of equipment failed, delaying manufacturing. “We’re not trying to avoid anybody. I can assure you my team is working around the clock. Please be patient.”

This isn’t the first time concerns have been raised about the company.

In December 2017, the Better Business Bureau of North Alabamaissued an alert about the company, citing 132 reportable complaints and 89 negative customer reviews from 34 states. Most of the complaints were due to delivery issues, BBB said.

Story updated Dec. 27 at 10:30 a.m. to include comments from Colin Wayne Erwin.