Talladega prison employees unpaid during partial government shutdown


Workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Talladega have now gone two weeks without seeing a paycheck.

“I really hope that congress up on Capitol Hill find a solution to end this nightmare,” Ronny Adamson, Union President of the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 3844 said.

Three hundred government employees at FCI Talladega are showing up for work, but will not receive a paycheck until the partial government shutdown is over.

“How are they going to pay their car note? How are they going to pay childcare?how will their health insurance be paid?”Adamson said.

Friday, President Trump said the shutdown could last a year or longer.

“As a government worker who’s being impacted by this, that is not what we want to hear,” Adamson mentioned.”

Adamson says he and other workers want Congress to ask President Trump to exempt government workers from financial obligations until the shutdown is over.

“I’ve spoken with a couple of congressmen from different areas and they’re listening to us, but will it happen? We don’t know,” Adamson said.

As the partial government shutdown continues, Adamson says morale is low.

“It’s very difficult when you walk inside the fence and you know you’re not being compensated for the work that you’re performing,” Adamson explained. “Then you see the inmates, the work that they do, they’re being paid for it. As well as congress up on Capitol Hill.”

Adamson also pointed out another impact from the shutdown. He says if government workers continue to go unpaid that could mean money lost for local stores and businesses.

He adds, the prison is already short-staffed. He says if workers decide to leave for other jobs, that could compromise security at the facility.