Dozens of Greene County healthcare workers could lose insurance coverage



Post from ABC3340


Dozens of hospital workers in Greene County are scrambling to find new health insurance. They said their benefits are being terminated. The insurance company said the health system did not pay its contribution.

The services provided by the health system are basic, but necessary to the rural community, according to Board Chairman John Zippert.

“We’ve had numerous people that had we not stabilized them, the probably would have passed on,” Zippert said.

“In order to keep operating with over $1 million a year of uncompensated care, we have to juggle our bills,” Zippert said.

In a statement, the hospital CEO said 45 staffers were affected. Employees have the option to participate in the hospital’s Blue Cross plan, but at a much higher cost.

“This letter came as much of a shock to us as it was to them [employees] and we are trying to work this out,” Zippert said.

GCHS said they are willing to negotiate with the union’s insurance provider. If they cannot reach a deal by the end of January, employees will have to look at other insurance options.

Union employees did not want to go on camera, but said the news was devastating. Their current coverage ends January 31st.