A Veteran, Retired Police Captain and True Lover of America, Took on a Project.


Capt. James Daniel, (Ret)  (Photo by Shelia Daniel)

Post by Ricky Price

As Captain James Daniel traveled up and down Alabama Highway 50 in Lanett, he got disturbed by the Patriot’s Corner at Resthaven Cemetery.  The American Flags had become torn and ragged and the flag poles were unsightly. This disturbed him because this is the emblem and flag of the County he served for so many years.  Captain Daniel served in the United State Navy and is a Retired Captain at the West Point Georgia Police Department.

Captain Daniel is the type person who tries to stay busy to keep him in physically fit.

With this in mind, he took on the project of replacing the flag poles and flags at Patriot Corner.  The pics depicted here are the results of his labor.

Captain Daniel earned the rank of Captain at the West Point Police Department.  I have known him for probably 40 or more years.  I have the utmost respect for Captain Daniel and I am so honored to call him my friend.  Because of the respect I have for him and the service he provided for so many years, I will always refer to him as Captain.

I am so glad there are still people like Captain Daniel who will see something that bothers them and take it on their own to correct the problem.  We all should take notes from this wonderful person.

BTW, I hope Captain Daniel does not get ill about this post.  He knows nothing about it and he is the kind who does things for others and wants no credit.

Thank you, Captain!