Walmart hiring hundreds of truck drivers, increasing pay to nearly $90K


Walmart hiring hundreds of truck drivers, increasing pay to nearly $90K (Photo: Walmart)


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — Walmart is increasing the pay for truck drivers to an average of $87,500 a year, the company announced Wednesday.

Walmart released a statement saying drivers’ pay will increase one cent per mile starting in February and they will also get additional pay for every arrival, which means that they would be earning 89 cents per mile.

They hired more than 1,400 new drivers last year and this year, they are looking to add ‘hundreds’ more.

Walmart advertises the following perks of working for them:

Great benefits. Walmart drivers have access to company benefits on the first day and can earn as much as 21 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) in their first year.

Predictable home time. Walmart operates on a weekly schedule, so drivers know they will be home and on the road. We use a bidding process two to three times a year to set their schedules, so drivers know where they stand on work-life balance.

Walmart is one of the safest fleets operating with contemporary well-maintained equipment. At Walmart our drivers drive and earn money rather than waiting for a truck to be fixed. Walmart offers quarterly safety bonuses and a safety incentive and recognition programs. The American Transportation Association has awarded Walmart the Safest Fleet in the Over 250 Million Mile Division for the past 5 consecutive years.

Transportation offices all over the country. Walmart operates more than 70 transportation offices throughout the U.S.

No-touch freight. Walmart truck drivers don’t unload trucks.

Safe parking. Walmart drivers park in well-lit, safe parking in Walmart stores, Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers across the country.

Walmart is hoping to revamp the hiring process to focus on safety and expediting the time it takes to train a new hire.

You must have 30 months of experience in the past three years and a clean safety record to apply.

“Safety is everything. Courtesy to drivers on the road is paramount. Professionalism at all times is demanded,” Vinny Faller, a 16-year Walmart fleet driver, said. “There’s no substitute for these three principles.”

Walmart said the policy changes are due to an increase in sales and an ‘industry-wide shortage’ of truck drivers.

The American Trucking Association estimates a shortage of 175,000 drivers by 2026.