“Dummy” Burglar arrested after mistaking police car for getaway Lyft (New Jersey)


The suspect, 28-year-old Nicholas Maziot, faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass and theft, among others.

By Kali O’Rourke, GRAY NEWS

A man attempting to burglar a New Jersey home fled when he woke the victims, but he didn’t make it far before accidentally getting into a police car instead of the Lyft he had ordered.

The sound of 28-year-old Nicholas Maziot trying to open a door woke a New Jersey couple Thursday around 10 p.m., The Hackensack Daily Voice reports.

The couple soon discovered Maziot, a homeless man who had climbed into their home through a second-story window. Police say the intruder then climbed back out the window and jumped from the roof to the ground.

As officers from several police departments responded, Maziot requested a ride away from the scene through the Lyft app.

Thinking his ride had arrived, the suspect left the backyard he’d been hiding in, one block away from the home he allegedly broke into, NJ.com reports. But instead of his Lyft, he climbed into a police car driven by Maywood Police Officer Brian Rubio.

“Imagine his surprise,” said Detective Sgt. James DePreta with the Rochelle Park Police Department, according to the Daily Voice.

Officers quickly took Maziot into custody.

Police say the 28-year-old admitted to breaking into the home. The Daily Voice reports he had believed no one was there at the time.

Maziot was sent to the Bergen County Jail. He faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass and theft, among others.