NEW DETAILS: Suspects in shooting of Auburn Police Officer died from gunshot wounds, not fire


By Julie Waldock and Katie Kamin , WTVM TV

Auburn police have released new details on the man and woman suspected of shooting an Auburn police officer after an attempted robbery on Friday night.

Police originally reported that after locating the two robbery suspects in an apartment complex off of Wire they tried to enter that apartment but were fired upon by one of the suspects, 38-year-old Christopher James Wallace.

Police returned gunfire and used tear gas as a distraction device before the apartment complex suddenly caught fire.

The two suspects were originally believed to have died in the fire but police are now saying that both suffered fatal gunshot wounds in the moments before the fire engulfed the apartment.

“We do believe from the findings at this point, that the two of them died from gunshot wounds. We do believe that was a result of his actions. We believe he is responsible for her death and his,” said the Auburn Police Chief Register.

Officials have also released new details about the unidentified female suspect. Police say she is a 36-year-old woman who is not an Auburn resident and not related to Wallace. She has been identified, but police say they will not release her identity as they are still attempting to notify her family.

Police say it appears that the female sustained a fatal gunshot wound first before Wallace suffered a self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound.

Officials also say they are not sure of the role she played in the crimes although they do say she was driving the vehicle as the pair fled from the scene of the shooting. Weapons consistent with the fatal injuries were found near the bodies.

Officials also gave an update on injured officer Justin Sanders. They say he is in stable condition and doing well as he continues to recover from his injuries.