Maggie Robinson, RN
1961 – 2019

Along with the rest of the community, state and nation, East Alabama Medical Center grieves the loss of 23 lives from Sunday’s tornadoes here in Lee County. We also keep those injured and displaced from their homes and/or families in our prayers. This was a tragic day for many people in our area, and we mourn with you as our EAMC family was affected directly as well.

Our own Maggie Robinson, RN, passed away Sunday afternoon in Beauregard after her home was struck by a tornado. Maggie began working here at the age of 17 and would have celebrated 40 years of service this summer. She most recently worked in Endoscopy for 9 years, but started her career here as a nursing assistant in Progressive Care. Maggie, 57, earned her RN degree in 1991 and her career included time in PACU and Nursing Administration.

Chona Lane, a coworker of Maggie’s in PACU for several years, was heartbroken at hearing about Maggie. “Everybody loved Maggie because she made it easy to love her, and like her. The Bible says the righteous will be remembered forever; I would like to say I believe that to be true about our Maggie. She had a heart of compassion and was so loving to us and to her patients.”

Chaplain Laura Eason, director of Pastoral Care at EAMC met with Maggie’s coworkers in Endoscopy on Monday. “They described Maggie as having a calm demeanor, and who always had a smile on her face,” says Eason. “They said she was the ‘true light” of the department.”

Willie Lewis, a former EAMC employee of 15 years, and Maggie’s friend of 20 years said Maggie “was everyone’s friend, and she was easily my best friend.” Lewis recalls speaking with Maggie about one hour before Sunday’s tornadoes. “We had discussed Galatians 6:9 about a week ago and she told me that verse appeared in her devotionals three or four times during the week. She also told me “I’m in a good place; God is first and foremost in my life.”