Report by Ricky Price, AlBugle

On Saturday night, in Lafayette, Al. a fundraiser was held for the Alabama Sheriff’s Girls Ranch.  The Fundraiser was in the form of a steak dinner that was attended by many people.  When talking with Sheriff Sid Lockhart and Major TJ Wood they said they hoped it would be successful enough to become an annual event.

I have been lucky enough to have met a few of the girls who attended the Ranch and have become successful women with wonderful families as they graduated and located to various parts of the State.

Opened in 1973, the Girl’s Ranch was opened in nearby Tallapoosa County.  The campus consists of 5 ranch homes, 2 staff houses, an office, chapel, gym, pool, pond, and various support buildings.  Ranchers who live there attend Reeltown School and are involved in many extra activities.

A few of the needs are listed on their website as follows:

  • A gently used vehicle to train our residents to drive
  • Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers
  • Bath Towels
  • Deep Pocket Twin Sheets
  • Mops and Brooms
  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
  • Toilet Paper
  • Wasp/Hornet Spray, Ant granules, etc.
  • Paper Towels
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Band-Aids (different sizes)
  • Large Garbage Bags
  • Large Diesel cans for the farm
  • Shovels/Pick Axe/and Heavy metal Garden Rakes
  • Garden Hoses
  • Work Boots for the Ranchers
  • Tool Sets (screw drivers, hammers, socket sets, etc.)
  • Salt blocks for our horses
  • Kitchen Garbage Bags
  • AA & AAA batteries
  • Gift Cards for lunches during appointments
  • Insulation for all Homes
  • Help transitioning from a Lagoon System to a Septic System ($44,000.00). Will save $10,000.00 per year in licensing and operating cost.
  • Blankets, Bits, Breast Collars, Iodine Shampoo, Iodine Scrub, Hoof Medicines, Ear Medicines for our horses.

Another Girls Ranch is located in Colbert County and there are 2 Boys Ranches that are located in Baldwin and St. Clair County.

If you can give any help to the Girls Ranch, the Girls Ranch in Tallapoosa County can be contacted at:

Address: 174 Samford Dr., Camp Hill, Al.  36850

Phone: 256-896-4113

Email:  [email protected]