All funerals of Lee County tornado victims paid for


By WSFA Staff

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – It’s been a month since the outbreak of deadly tornadoes in Lee County, and there is an update on how donations are being spent.

The East Alabama Medical Center is overseeing several large donations; the Poarch Creek Indians donated $184,000 to pay for funerals of the victims, and former Troy football and NFL player added $10,000. The community gave $90,000.

EAMC said all the funerals have been paid for, and they are using the leftover money to pay for headstones and footstones for the victims’ gravesites. EAMC is also providing housing for 15 families.

“People really needed homes and as we started looking for how we could do that, we realized people would help, but it would to take time to go through their committees, we could just make it happen that afternoon,” said EAMC Vice President and Controller Dennis Thrasher. “So, we made it happen; that’s what we do.”

It currently costs $7,300 a month to house the families. Right now, there’s about $15,000 left in the fund. If you would like to donate, visit the EAMC website.

All of the donations go straight to the victims.