By Rick Karle

UPDATE, and there is some good news! Sam had surgery on Monday- it was performed by Dr. James Andrews. The doctor repaired both dislocated knees and several torn ligaments in both knees. Reports from NOLA.com that had Sam breaking both legs were inaccurate. Still, Sam faces a long road and she can use your encouragement!

Here’s my post from Friday night:
It’s in instances like these that we disregard our team allegiances and pray from our hearts. Friday night at the NCAA Regionals, Auburn gymnastics star Sam Cerio suffered gruesome injuries during the floor exercise. As Sam made a strong pass and flipped into the air, she landed awkwardly: Screaming in pain, Sam was boarded and carried off the floor. Both knees were dislocated (updated- reports by NOLA.com of broken legs were premature). The LSU medical staff in Baton Rouge did a superb job rushing to Sam to care for her. Sam Cerio has done everything right, from acing her classes to dominating competition- in fact she was recently named the Southeastern Conference Co-Scholar-Athlete Of The Year. She’s the president of the Auburn Athlete Advisory Committee and will graduate next month with a degree in aerospace engineering. Being a successful division one athlete is incredibly difficult, and Sam has been a perfect example of how it’s done. I’m not going to post video or pictures of the injury (the meet was shown on the SEC Network but I see no reason to replay it), but rather this picture of Samantha Cerio in happier times that comes to me from Auburn athletics. I hope that you can keep Sam, her parents Michael & Becky, and all of her teammates in your thoughts and prayers over the weekend. Sam needs you. 🙏