Alabama Senate delays abortion vote after chaos on the floor


Chaos erupted on the floor of the Alabama Senate Thursday during debate on a bill to ban nearly all abortions.

Senator Bobby Singleton (D- Greensboro ) and Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth screamed at each other over the way a vote was taken to remove the exception in the bill for rape and incest.

The debate got so heated, and tension was so high, that Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh stepped in and suggested the Senate adjourn for the day. The vote on the bill was postponed until Tuesday.

Singleton said the voice vote to remove the exceptions just happened too quickly.

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Lauren Walsh


WATCH: Chaos on the Alabama Senate floor during debate on a bill to ban nearly all abortions in this state.
This is what happened after a very fast voice vote on a motion that would strip the exceptions for rape and incest.

“I’m standing at the mic,” he explained. “I didn’t even hear the motion come out of the senator’s mouth before the lieutenant governor started gaveling it through I’m really pissed because I respect the lieutenant governor. I respect his ability. He’s new and we’ve been working along, but just because you want something to happen- that doesn’t mean that you have to run over us.”

Some Senators didn’t hear the motion, and the vote was called so quickly that they say they didn’t get to ask for a roll call vote, which would mean each senator’s vote would be recorded and available to the public.

Republican Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster stepped up to the podium to express his frustration.

“I do not think the process in which we just tabled that amendment is a fair point of view,” he said. “I am a pro life Republican but I’m also a fair procedure Republican. What I’m not going to do is back door tactics to see people get runover just because they disagree with me. I am willing to stand here today with any colleague, democrat or republican, and make that point.”

Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth stands by his call and the speed in which he did it.

“Just on tabling motions, that’s what we always do and if you notice, every time I’m in the office, in the chair, I move fast,” he told us. “That’s just- my pace is the same throughout.”

Ainsworth supports removing exceptions for rape and incest.

“I believe it’s murder,” he said. “I believe life begins at conception so it’s an easy position for me.”