Walker County Sheriff’s Office Press Release


Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from an individual on Mill Creek Road in the Dogtown community. The caller stated that he came home to discover what appeared to be an intoxicated woman inside his home. After the homeowner called the Sheriff’s Office, the intruder left the residence.

Deputy Tony Reid and Reserve Deputy Zac Roberts responded to the area, and noticed a woman matching the clothing description of the intruder at the intersection of Dogtown Road and Mill Creek Road.

The deputies began to speak with the woman, identified as Jaclyn Renae Chambless, and discovered that she had an active warrant with the Sheriff’s Office for Probation Revocation. Ms. Chambless was placed under arrest, and deputies traveled back to the victim’s residence.

After arriving at the residence deputies learned that Chambless allegedly attempted to break into the front door, leaving a crowbar on the porch. However, entry into the home was made by busting in the back door.

Once inside, Chambless made her way to the bathroom, emptied out her pockets—including a baggie of methamphetamine, and thumped her cigarette into the toilet (the cigarette was still there when deputies arrived at the home). Chambless then removed her clothing (which was wet from the rain) and took a shower, leaving her clothing in the bathroom.

After her shower, Chambless dressed herself with clothes from the home, carefully selecting jewelry to match her outfit.

After arriving at the Walker County Jail, Chambless was read her Miranda rights, and then asked why she broke into the home. She replied, “I needed a bath because I’ve been walking through the woods for three days, had to get cleaned up and changed, and I’m just trying to do what’s best for everybody.”

Chambless is being held without bond on Probation Revocation. Reid and Investigator Braden Miles will turn over all other evidence collected from the home to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of other charges.