On May 15, 2019, Prattville Police Officers responded to the Glynwood subdivision on an attempted breaking and entering of a vehicle where the suspect(s) shot at the home owner. There were numerous other breaking and entering of vehicles that occurred during the same overnight hours in this area.

On Wednesday May 29, 2019, Investigators of the Prattville Police Department have obtained an Attempted Murder and numerous Unlawful Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle warrants on Aaron Taki Gage.

Gage was developed as a suspect and located in Montgomery through the combined efforts of the Prattville Police Department Investigative Division and the Montgomery Police Department River Region Star Center.

Gage is currently in the Elmore County Jail on unrelated charges.

At the time of Gage’s arrest he was in possession of a firearm and illegal narcotics.

The Prattville Police Department would still urge the citizens of Prattville to use caution when confronting subjects who are in the process of committing a crime and to call 911 immediately from a safe location if possible.

Aaron Taki Gage, 19 years old
4631 Narrow Lane Rd. Apt. 108
Montgomery, AL
Height: 5’09”, Weight: 142
DOB: 01/01/2000