Teacher’s dying wish: Backpacks full of supplies instead of flowers at her funeral (GEORGIA)


by Kendra Mann/ABC7

A teacher’s dying wish has touched hearts across the world.

On her deathbed, she asked loved ones to bring backpacks full of supplies, instead of flowers to her funeral for students in need, her cousin Dr. Brad Johnson tweeted.

“My cousin’s final request at her funeral was Backpacks full of supplies for needy students instead of flowers. A teacher to the end,” he tweeted, along with a moving photo from the funeral that showed backpacks lining the aisle.

In another moving photo, Dr. Johnson tweeted what he referred to as “honorary pallbearers” and said they were teachers who had taught with his cousin for years.

Local news sources identify the teacher as Tammy Waddell and say she died from cancer. According to an obituary, she worked at Sawnee Elementary in Cumming, Georgia.