Home News Alabama family makes plea after son dies following the Hangout Music Festival

Alabama family makes plea after son dies following the Hangout Music Festival

(IMG: WPMI) Plea from family of Fairhope man who died after Hangout Music Festival

By JAMES GORDON, WPMI Staff, Posted from ABC 3340

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WPMI) — A 20-year-old Fairhope man who was found dead outside the Hangout Music Festival last week may have been tricked into taking a lethal dose of illegal drugs.

The parents of 20-year-old Fairhope native Griffin Gaunt say their son did not do drugs and are hoping missing personal items may help prove their claim.

Police say is that they are looking at every angle.

Griffin Gaunt’s parents say the last known photograph of their son at the Hangout Music Festival shows him wearing sunglasses and his Fairhope High School Baseball jersey.

A picture was taken before he was found unconscious on the side of the road, outside the concert venue.

NBC 15 News spoke to Griffin’s mother on the phone earlier today.

“Well he had his wallet with him, he had his iPhone 10 with him, and he had on a Fairhope baseball jersey and if anyone finds those or has those if they could just turn them into police,” said Amy Gaunt.

His mother believes her son may have taken his Fairhope pirates baseball shirt off because of high body temperature due to the drugs he had ingested.

Drugs, his mother says she believes her son did not knowingly take.

“Basically we think that somehow or some way he ingested illegal substances and his temperature when they found him 108 degrees. That’s indicative of those types of drugs that children take at those festivals the molly, meth, the cocaine,” said Gaunt.

Gulf Shores police are still investigating and waiting for an official toxicology report.

Griffin’s mother says finding his phone could lead to clues in solving the case and finding out what happened.

“The phone would be great to have as an addition to the timeline of things that happened maybe people he talked to, people he texted, things that could maybe help the police,” said Gaunt.

His mother says if you have or know where those missing items are to please make contact with the authorities, no questions asked.

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