Spencer Collier Former ALEA Director Arrested


Spencer Collier Former ALEA Director Arrested

By James Gordon / WPMI

Alabama’s former top cop Spencer Collier is arrested on Friday for filing a false police report.

Police say Collier filed the police report Thursday night claiming a family member had stolen a credit card and used the card at a local hotel in Daphne.

Collier bonded out of city jail about an hour after turning himself in.

The former ALEA Director and state lawmaker recently retired from the Selma Police Department and now lives in Fairhope.

Collier told police he filed the report thinking it was his son that had used it or misplaced the card. However there’s much more to the story.

Detectives would not comment on camera but say Collier filed the report after calling for an officer at the La Quinta Inn in Daphne.

Collier apparently had asked the clerk here to give him the room number associated with a charge on his credit card . The clerk told him she couldn’t without a police report.

Police looking into the case discovered the card was not stolen and that a family member had permission to use the card.

It is not clear who was staying at the hotel.

Court documents obtained by NBC 15 show Collier’s wife filed a Protection Order on Thursday against her husband. In the order she claims Collier threatened physical violence.

The complaint says a weapon was used. The complaint also states Collier has an unstable state of mind and is having problems with depression and anxiety.

Police say Collier seemed apologetic about the incident but wouldn’t comment any further.

In a statement Collier said:

“I have no doubt that I will be exonerated. The entire episode is embarrassing. I am sorry for any embarrassment this has caused Selma, this is not how I wanted to retire.”

Collier is charged with a misdemeanor and will appear in court July 30th to face the charge.