The Bugle is proud to announce that Ashley Crane has joined our team as the Director of Advertising and News Aggregator.

We have Bugle sites in the Counties of Chambers, Tallapoosa, Randolph, Clay and Lee. We also operate the ALBUGLE on FACEBOOK and have the website  We feel so fortunate to  reach between 400,000 to 600,000 viewers each week.  With this in mind, we think we can help businesses get their message out.

Ashley has also agreed to help me post some news, due to some issues I have coming up that will require some time away from the computer for a few of days.

We are in the process of combining these sites, to save from having to post to up to 7 different post on most stories.  We have been in meetings with technical experts to find the best way to do this, for you, our friends and viewers, to have easy assess to the product for all county news on one site.  We also plan to have other avenues for you to easily access the Bugle site, soon.

As the Bugle continues to grow, please allow us to assist your business with advertising needs. Contact us at [email protected]

Also, as many of you know, if you have any issues or news tips, Private Message me, Ricky Price on FACEBOOK.

As I have said many times, we really appreciate all of you for following us and we hope to only get better in the future for you, our friends!

By Ricky Price, Vice President and News Aggregator,  ALBUGLE, LLC