Reports of people shot in Valley, AL.


AL Bugle has learned of a shooting incident in the Fairfax area of Valley, AL. The incident happened in the Boulevard area close to Fairfax kindergarten and school.

The incident happened shortly after midnight early Sunday morning.

There have been victims airlifted, and some were taken to the local hospital.

We are awaiting a press release from the Valley Police Department.  It being a Holiday weekend, it may not be until Tuesday, because the only people who give press releases at Valley Police Department are Chief Weldon or Major Reynolds.  On holiday weekends, it is usually on the first regular work day, before information on incidents are released.  Maybe this will be different in today’s climate.

We do know there was a multiple police and EMS presence in the area as this incident unfolded.

AL BUGLE will give further reports as we can get them.