Former inmates protest brutal beating of Florida woman by prison guards


By Vandana Rambaran | Fox News

Several women spoke out Saturday against what they say is a history of physical and sexual abuse and mistreatment at the largest women’s prison in Florida after an inmate was allegedly beaten so badly by four prison guards that she is now paralyzed from the neck down.

Attorneys for Cheryl Weimar filed a criminal complaint Thursday against the Florida Department of Corrections and four unnamed male prison guards. The lawsuit says the guards beat Weimar on Aug. 21 when she told them she was unable to clean a toilet at the Lowell Correctional Institution because of a pre-existing hip condition.

Since then, other former inmates have come forward to share their own stories of sexual and physical violence that they say has taken place for more than a decade at the second-largest women’s prison America.

Jordyn Cahill, a former Lowell inmate who says she used her time in prison to better herself and eventually became a certified paralegal, said in a message on YouTube that she is “astounded” by the attack on Weimar and detailed her own alleged experiences of sexual assault and harassment during her time there.

Cahill, who served eight years at the facility, ending in 2013, names nearly a dozen male officers in the video, pointedly asking them “do you remember” certain details of unwanted sexual advances towards her.

The former inmate said one officer who had a foot fetish refused to give her toilet paper until she showed him her toes. Another allegedly groped her and “forced your tongue down my throat and pushed all 300 pounds of your body against me.”

Cahill says yet another officer forced his hands down the back of her pants and groped her as she was leaving a room.

The Florida Department of Corrections did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the latest allegations.

“For Cheryl, and for any other incarcerated woman who has been physically abused or sexually abused by any officer, or any male inmate who has been sexually or physically abused by any officer, I am going to tell my story, I’m going to promote others to tell their story and I’m going to share the f— out of it,’’ Cahill said, adding that she is confident she would pass a lie detector test detailing her experiences.

Another formerly incarcerated woman posted on Instagram that she was sharing a photo of herself in a “And so I kept living,” t-shirt as “symbols of solidarity for our sisters who can’t speak for themselves. We will not be silenced.”