New security measures implemented at Jacksonville State University


By Byron Khalil, Posted from ABC 3340

Jacksonville State University is implementing new security measures.

Most of the changes are to the school’s residence halls.

“The upperclassmen including freshman sign in guests,” Courtney Sheffield, JSU student said. ‘That way they can keep track of who’s in the building.”

A representative with the school says campus police and the school’s housing department are always looking at ways to enhance security.

“They make sure that we have our key tag and that lets the RA know that we’re a resident in that specific building,” Sheffield said, “and so that way we should be there.”

Four of six recent reports of statutory rape were reported to have happened near JSU residence halls.

The campus is covered with security cameras.

JSU also offers a course for incoming freshman that stresses personal safety.

“There’s no serial rapist or anything going around the Jacksonville State University campus,” Jay Harrington, Investigator with the 7th Judicial Major Crimes Unit said. “The students are safe, faculty is safe. That’s the main thing right now.”

The school released this statement on Monday:

“Effective Oct. 1, President John M. Beehler will take a 90-day leave of absence from Jacksonville State University to care for several close family members suffering from serious medical issues. While the timing is unfortunate, his absence is in no way related to the recent accusations of sexual misconduct alleged to involve JSU students. The university wishes Dr. Beehler the very best as he cares for his loved ones during this difficult time.”