(UPDATE) Tuscaloosa hospital falls victim to cyber attack, unable to accept new patients


UPDATE: Saturday morning.

DCH is working on a system restoration. The hospital issued a statement saying, “In collaboration with law enforcement and independent IT security experts, we have begun a methodical process of system restoration. We have been using our own DCH backup files to rebuild certain system components, and we have obtained a decryption key from the attacker to restore access to locked systems.

We have successfully completed a test decryption of multiple servers, and we are now executing a sequential plan to decrypt, test and bring systems online one-by-one. This will be a deliberate progression that will prioritize primary operating systems and essential functions for emergency care. DCH has thousands of computer devices in its network, so this process will take time.”

The hospital does not have a timeline available on when this will be completed, as it is a time-intensive process.

The hospital statement said, “All three hospitals will continue to be on diversion for all but most critical patients through the weekend. Emergency Departments will continue to see patients who bring themselves to the hospital.”

DCH will issue updates on its website regarding available services for patients and when departments will reopen.


DCHA Tuscaloosa hospital was unable to accept new patients Tuesday because of a cyber attack.