What’s open and closed on Columbus Day.


Here’s a look at what’s open and what’s closed on Columbus Day 2019:

  • Federal offices are closed. Columbus Day is the seventh of 10 federal holidays in 2019, with Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas remaining.
  • Most banks and credit unions are closed, check with your local branch.
  • U.S. Post Office will not deliver mail, post offices are closed. UPS and FedEx are open.
  • Alabama state offices and courts are closed; Columbus Day is one of 13 state holidays.
  • Almost all schools are open on Columbus Day.
  • ABC Stores are open.
  • Stock markets (New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq) are open.
  • Restaurants, malls, movie theaters – Almost all restaurants, malls and movie theaters are open.
  • National Parks are open
  • Most department stores and restaurants will be open.
  • Grocery stores will be open.
  • Garbage and recycling collection may be on an altered schedule. Check with your local provider for service changes.