“Cheryl and Hermon Myers, the remarkable family who are the founders, heart, hands and soul of the Christian Service Center, are facing today one of the most difficult times in their lives. When we have faced our own larger-than-life challenges, they have always been there for you and for me.

Chambers County/West Georgia, it is now time for you and me to step up and let Cheryl and Hermon know just how much we love and appreciate them.

Your financial contribution to THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND will help relieve the unexpected and ever-growing expenses which they now face. Every gift, every dollar — no matter how great or small — will add up to a from-the-heart “Thank You” to this special family.

We can do this! I pray you will join Chuck, Dave and myself and give generously to THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND.”

Sincerely, Sid Lockhart, Campaign Chair

David Guinn has a special request of all churches of Chambers County/West Georgia:

“On behalf of Cheryl and Hermon, I am proclaiming Sunday, November 24 as MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS SUNDAY. I challenge every church in Chambers County and West Georgia to receive on the morning of Sunday November 24th a special love offering in behalf of Cheryl and Hermon. You may collect your offering in any way appropriate for your church. Then on Monday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, please bring during business hours, your collected love offerings to the Christian Service Center at the address mentioned below. What a way to spend Thanksgiving Week in Chambers County and West Georgia!

In Acts 10 there is mentioned a man on his knees in prayer named Cornelius. The scriptures say that “he and all his family were devout and God-fearing, who gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.” Folks, Cheryl and Hermon have all their lives, given generously to those in need. Now, they themselves have been brought to their knees before God with expected hardship. Let’s be part of God’s answer for them. Let’s be part of the Miracle for the Myers!

I pray and hope that your church will give generously on Sunday November 24th – MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS SUNDAY”

Sincerely, David Guinn, Campaign Coordinator
Churches of Chambers County/West GA

GIVE BY CHECK – Please note that you may also contribute by check to THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND. Make your check payable to First Baptist Church Shawmut and note on your check THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND.
— MAIL YOUR CHECK TO: Checks may be mailed to: First Baptist Church Shawmut, 2300 23rd Drive, Valley, AL 36854.
— DROP OFF YOUR CHECK: Checks (made out to First Baptist Church Shawmut and marked THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND may also be dropped off in person at the Christian Service Center, 5340 Cusseta Rd, Lanett on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00AM until 12:00PM. The CSC does not receive mail at this address.

Gifts made to the benefit of individuals are not tax deductible according to IRS rules.

Founded by Cheryl and Hermon Myers, the Christian Service Center is a Christ-Centered Community Benevolence Ministry that has been providing food, clothing, love and care for families in need throughout East Alabama and West Georgia for thirty years. As an example of their 365-days-a-year service for Christ, this coming Christmas over 800 families throughout our area will be the beneficiaries of the labor and hard work of Cheryl and Hermon and a host of beloved and dedicated volunteers.

For more information about THE MIRACLE FOR THE MYERS FUND please contact Chuck Anderson, General Campaign Coordinator at 706-585-0779. Thank you.