By Ricky Price, ALBugle

Over the past few days and weeks there have been some serious accidents in our area. From what I have seen, speed, following to close and inattention have been factors in a lot of the serious accidents.

There seems to be more traffic on major roads lately and there will be more as the holidays are upon us. Let’s have the holiday spirit and treat other drivers with the respect you would want.

The construction is a necessary issue we are having to deal with in a lot of areas. When approaching the areas remember people are working and they may step out in front of you while working and not thinking. You can never tell what the equipment will do, either. I would suggest putting on your emergency flashers on and SLOWLY go through these areas. Remember, the workers want to go home to their families at night, like we all do.

Remember this is the holiday season, drive while paying attention, not only to what you are doing, but pay attention to the other drivers. Obey the speed limits, give yourself enough distance to stop if the car in front of you slams on brakes and just BE SAFE.

Also remember DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE. There will be more law enforcement on patrol during the holidays and they sure don’t mind putting you in jail for DUI.