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THOMAS CASSON, Candidate For Alabama Congressman, Ballot Access Is Challenged. HEARING SET BY GOP

Photo By Thomas Casson

Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson, a candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat from Alabama,

was informed officially last Tuesday that his ballot access is being challenged.

The Alabama Republican Party informed Casson he may respond to the committee in person

on December 8, with the hearing to be held in Birmingham.

Casson said, “I am saddened that this could not be worked out without a hearing, but I look

forward to speaking to the Candidate Committee of the GOP.”

“As anyone can see, there are factual errors in the challenge itself,” Casson continued. “I never

declared candidacy in 2019 as an independent.”

“In 2018,” Casson said, “I did attempt to secure ballot access, but was unable to attain the high

bar that had been set by the Alabama legislature. I will gladly explain to the committee why I

attempted ballot access outside the party process in 2018. I’m hopeful that they will see that it

was a hard decision, made out of love for our shared principles – not simply due to politics.”

Casson has also asked for help in securing ballot access from his congressman, Mike Rogers,

who is also his opponent in the upcoming primary. Casson said, “I have sent a letter to my

representative in the U.S. House for support in gaining ballot access. My hope is that he

understands the importance of having many voices involved in our political process and will help

make this right.”

The Republican Party primary takes place on March 3, 2020, in Alabama’s 3rd Congressional

District to determine which Republican candidate will run in the district’s general election

scheduled for November 3, 2020.

The Challange is below


“To: Thomas Casson
From: Harold Sachs, ALGOP Chief of Staff
Dear Mr. Casson,
As we have previously informed you, a challenge has been filed regarding your US House candidacy. The time set aside
for you to respond to the ALGOP Ballot Challenge filed is December 8,20!9 at 2:10 PM’
This challenge will be heard before the ALGOP Candidate Committee. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to yourtime but not
earlie r.
The location is at the Alabama Republican Headquarters, 3505 Lorna Road, Birmingham, Alabama’
you will have seven minutes to present your response to the candidate committee and the Candidate committee may
ask questions afterwards (which are normally limited to three minutes). You may use allof yourtime or if you finish
early that,s fine as well. we willfollow the same procedure for both the challenged and challenger’
you may bring witnesses if you wish, but those will count against your time limit. You are also entitled to bring an
attorney if you desire, but that is not required’
We have attached the challenge and any documents that were submitted so you may respond to them at our meeting’
We strongly suggest that if you have relevant documents that you wish to use, that you supply those to me before the
hearing so that they can be distributed to the candidate committee. lf you have something to send to the committee,
please email them to me no later than Monday, December 2′
you, or a representative, must appear to present the response or it will be deemed withdrawn’ We will give you the
results on the same daY.
lf you have any questions please feelfree to contact me. My cell is listed below to communicate if needed on December
8 as the office phones are turned off on the weekend’
Harold Sachs
Chief of Staff, ALGOP”


“November 8, 2019
Dear Alabama Republican Party Candidate CommitteeToday, t am submitting a challenge against Thomas Casson, Candidate for United State Congress –
District 3.
Article 4 of the ALGOP eualifying form states “l am a Republican and I endorse and will actively support
the principles and policies of the Republican Party.” I contend that Mr. Weld is not a Republican and
does not meet this requirement.
Mr. Casson declared his intention to run for Congress in District 3 in Alabama as an TNDEPENDENT on
February 5, 2019. (see attached). This alone should disqualify him’
I do not believe Mr. Wetd is loyal to the Republican Party under article 4 of the qualifying form and
should be disqualified by the ALGOP Candidate Committee’
Secondly, if he is allowed to run as a Republican, he should not be allowed to run with the nickname on
our primary ballot. ln the past, the Alabama Republican Party has prohibited candidates to running our
ballot under “made uP” nicknames.
ln 2010, Robert Bentley officially changed his name to Doctor Robert Bentley and was prohibited to run
on the Republican primary ballot as such. I can also site other case where we have upheld this no
nickname policy specifically Chris ‘The Teacher” House who attempted to run on the batlot as such in
2004. This case was litigated while I was Executive Director of ALGOP in 2004′
Thank you for your consideration’
Chris Brown
ALGOP. Jefferson County Bonus Member”


“Casson makes run for Congfess as Independent
KaraColeman lRePorter
Opelika-Auburn News
[email protected]
FollowonTwitter Feb 5,2018
Thomas Casson is so serious about his Congressional run as an Independent, he legally
changed his name to reflect his message.
The Auburn resident’s driver’s license reads ‘”Thomas Sick Of D.C. Casson.” He
launched his campaign for the U.S. House Distict 3 seat on Fridayhttps:/Amrur.oanow.conr/ne$,s/casson-makas-run-for-congress-as-irdependenUartida-868fd24-0a8&l1e&9b83-dHddc46328a.h”


“”Currently, the House is really broken,” Casson said. “Republicans and Democrab are
fissing and feuding on various issues, and there’s not anything that is bridging that gap.
So I just think it’s very important that we give voters options.”
To get his name on &e ballot, Casson must $ecure signatures from 5,000 voters in the
3rd Congressional District, a process he is working on nolv.
‘olt’s going to be a completely grassroots effort,” he explained. *The state does not make
it easy to collect signatures. You cannot use online signatures. They have to be pen and
paper signatures. So I will be going door to door I’11be anywhere and everywhere
myself, going and geffing some signatures.”
The petition also can be downloaded and printed from Casson’s website,
Sick0fDC.com, for supporters to sign and return.
‘oPolls show that 90 percent, or even higher in some polls, do not like Congress,n’ Casson
said. “At this point, there is a gap in credibility. Nobody tnrsts Congress, and they
shouldn’t, based on the results of $20 trillion in debt. It just makes no sense. So until we
bridge that gap, it really doesn’t matter what Congress does. Because nobody believes
them, nobody tnrsts them, and nobody respects them.’o
Casson ran for Congress as a Republican in2014, but opted to run independenfly this
year. The Aubum University alum also served on Bob Riley’s Congressional stafffrom
L997 to 2000.

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