By Ricky Price,

The Bugle has learned of a shakeup in the Chambers County Superintendent’s Race.

Multiple sources are telling me, Incumbent Superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge will be the only candidate that will be able to be certified for the Republican Primary that will be held in March, by the Probate Judge, by law. We understand due to improper, or a lack of documents, upon qualifying with the local Republican Party, Dr. Hodge’s Republican opponent cannot be certified. We understand it was brought to the Republican Chairperson’s attention, after there was no remedy for correction.

Having seen this issue before, I have known candidate’s withdraw from a Party and run as an Independent. We are not sure this will be the case in this matter.

We have not been able to verify it, but we understand the Democratic nominee has the same issue.

This is an ongoing story.

We have talked with Gator Media and Gator is covering the issue this afternoon and we will share it.

UPDATE: 1:31 PM EST. I am not sure a Democrat even qualified for this position and I don’t know who the chairpersons are, in either party, now. Ricky Price