Update: First responders, community react to deadly Jackson County, Alabama marina fire


First responders, community react to deadly Jackson County marina fire.

By Ricky Price, ALBugle.com

A North Alabama community is in a state of shock after massive fire ravaged Dock B at the Jackson County Park Marina, killing 8 people.

Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus said “this is one of the most devastating things I have ever seen.”¬† The Chief was just echoing what emergency crews and the entire community was saying.

A lot of people called these house boats home.  The recovery  and rescue of this scene was a tremendous effort. for first responders and volunteers.

Several people were able to escape while others just had no way to get away from the area.

This will be a massive cleanup effort and efforts are being done to keep fuels and debris from spreading and leaking into Lake Guntersville while the State Fire Marshals Office investigates the cause and origin of the fire.

The public is being asked to stay away from this area while all of this work is being done.