Gov. Kay Ivey fractures shoulder after tripping over her dog



Gov. Kay Ivey suffered a fractured shoulder Tuesday night when she fell after tripping over her dog.

The governor sent out a short statement today alerting people that they would be seeing her with her arm in a sling but that the injury won’t interfere with her work.

“Alabama’s First Dog Missy is such a fun and active friend to have at home, and she is fiercely protective,” Ivey said. “Last night, she unintentionally tripped me up, and I hit my shoulder. You’ll see me in a sling, but this won’t slow me down a bit! I’ll keep you posted on the recovery, but most importantly, Missy is also doing just fine!”

Ivey, 75, announced three weeks ago that she had received a positive report from her doctor three months after completing radiation treatment for what she described as a tiny, isolated cancerous spot on one of her lungs. Her doctor said she would continue to receive routine surveillance imaging but he considered her to be “cured.”