Draft bill proposes extended summer break for Alabama students


By Jordyn Elston, WSFA

Alabama State Rep. Steve Hurst is drafting a bill proposing longer summer breaks for students.

He says the goal is to encourage more students to get jobs.

“We got to have workforce. Kids, you got to have jobs. We got to have training. If you start training them young, you bring them up, we got cooperation community, we’ve got cooperation of workforce development got corporations of businesses,” Hurst said.

He says with shorter summer breaks, students are less likely to get hired by employers because there’s not enough time to get them trained before its time to head back to the classroom.

“You’re increasing workforce development. You check it out today, today, right now Joe Morton is saying that by 2025 we’re gonna be 200,000 people short if we don’t do something,” Hurst said.

Hurst’s solution to extend summer break from just before Memorial Day until just after Labor Day.

Some organizations have already voiced opposition.