By Major Mike Reynolds

On January 20th at approximately 12:10 AM, officers of the Valley Police Department were assisting the Chambers County Drug Task Force with a search warrant and drug arrest on Lantuck Road. A uniformed officer was tasked with driving an impounded vehicle to the Task Force office and was on Lantuck Road near Hopewell Road when a gray pick up turned off Hopewell Road and drove at him head on. The officer slammed on his brakes which caused the vehicle to stall. The officer exited the vehicle and identified himself as a police officer in order to get the driver of the truck to stop. The driver told the officer that he couldn’t stop and pulled off at a high rate of speed, throwing rocks and mud onto the officer. The vehicle drove to the residence where the search warrant had taken place and immediately turned around when he saw that there was a Task Force unit waiting for him. The truck came back up the road, again at a high rate of speed, and drove directly at the first officer. The officer ran but could not find a point of cover and responded by firing several rounds from his service weapon at the truck. The truck barely missed him and continued to Hopewell Road.

Officers gave chase but lost contact with the vehicle. The driver was recognized by Task Force officers as Cody Dewayne McManus, 32 of Cusseta.

Investigators obtained warrants on McManus for Attempted Murder and attempted to locate him and the truck.

The US Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force was contacted for assistance and they began searching for McManus. On February 19th McManus was located in Anniston where he was arrested and brought back to Chambers County.