An Open Letter to the Voters, Citizens & Taxpayers of Chambers County: From Revenue Commissioner, Beth Abney

As you may know by now, I am the current Revenue Commissioner and I am seeking to remain as your Revenue Commissioner of Chambers County in the upcoming Republican Party Primary election on March 3rd.
You have possibly seen the announcements of my candidacy for this
Office in the numerous media outlets throughout the area. Maybe you’ve
read the open letter from Dr. John Crowder, Mr. Bill Gilbert and Miss
Wendy Williams endorsing me for the Office of Revenue Commissioner.
As election day nears, throughout my campaign, hopefully, I have
convinced you that I am the best candidate for the Office.
Let me take a moment to tell you a little about my personal and family life.
My husband, of 23 years, Rob Abney and I, have 3 children and 2
grandchildren. We are members and attend Mount Zion Baptist Church.
Since joining the Revenue Commissioner’s Office, 22 years ago, I have
never had a desire to work anywhere else. I have enjoyed my time in the
Office, meeting with the public and being a public servant to all the citizens
of Chambers County. I have no other political ambitions. This Office is
where I feel I am best suited to continue to serve the public. During my
career I have obtained the certification of an Alabama Certified Business
Personal Property Appraiser (ACA-P). This certification is an asset to my
qualifications. Also, because of my years with the Revenue Office I have the
knowledge of all aspects of this Office.
During the 2018-2019 tax year my Office collected just over $16 million
and distributed it to the several entities of the County entitled to them. Last
year after all collection activities were completed, my Final Settlement with
the State of Alabama’s Department of Finance, Comptroller’s Office
finished with a $0.00 error.
My staff consists of 11 fulltime and 1 part-time personnel. Along with
myself this staff has 190 plus years of combined experience in the Revenue
Office. This experience shows dedication to the taxpayers through honesty,
integrity and dependability.
Customer service is an important aspect of any County Government
office and I have always endeavored to offer the best I can. I have always
listened to the taxpayers who come to my Office with a problem and I have
always earnestly tried to solve their problems with fairness and equality.
Consistency in the answers we give to different taxpayers with the same
problem and treating all taxpayers, no matter what their station in life, is a
high priority of mine. My goal is always to give the taxpayers genuine
respect and the best customer service they deserve. This is the greatest
priority for my staff and me.
In closing, after reading this letter, I ask that when you go to the polls to
vote on March 3rd , please mark your ballot to keep me, Beth Abney, your
current Revenue Commissioner, for the Office of Revenue Commissioner in
the Republican Primary.
Sincerely, Beth Abney
22 Years of Experience Matters
Paid Political Advertisement by Beth Abney, P.O. Box 543, LaFayette, Al. 36862