Shown in the attached photo is Principal Misty Hudmon speaking to visitors in the school’s media center.


By David L. Bell, Public Relations Director, Chambers County School District

HUGULEY – A series of Open House events at all schools in the Chambers County School District that began last fall concluded Tuesday with a public tour of Huguley Elementary School.


Originally built in 1936, Huguley was the only school in the district not supported by a local textile mill, which left parents and the community responsible for conducting various annual fundraisers to cover certain expenses. Because of its unique history, Huguley remains one of the most community-supported schools.


First-year principal Misty Hudmon welcomed visitors in the school’s media center and discussed much of its storied past. For example, Huguley was the first facility to be air conditioned in 1989, and the first lunchroom was located in the basement. Several scrapbooks were on display featuring photographs and newspaper articles. And, many of those in attendance were former students, who enjoyed sharing their elementary school experiences.


“Today, we have 29 different clubs that students can participate in,” said Hudmon. “They range from art and gardening to technology, allowing children to expand their knowledge and creativity.”


Hudmon also presented a brief video about the school before leading visitors on a tour of the facility. Hallway walls throughout the campus were adorned with art and literary projects done by students in honor of Black History Month, being observed in February.


Jonathan Herston, Executive Director of the Circle of Care for Families, attended all but one of the Open House events and shared his thoughts about their significance.


“I was most impressed by the use of new technology to improve security and learning experiences equally at every school,” said Herston. “As the father of three children currently attending Chambers County schools, these were the tings most important to me, and it was very reassuring to see them for myself.”


“I think everyone who attended these events learned more about our local schools than they would have known without participating,” added School Superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge. “The faculties and staffs at each facility did an outstanding job hosting our tours and answering questions.”


Shown in the attached photo is Principal Misty Hudmon speaking to visitors in the school’s media center.