Walker County man shot after prowling Boldo neighborhood, breaking into cars

Jimmie Sanders  SOURCE: Walker County Sheriff’s Office

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday a burglar in the Boldo community was shot in the leg by a homeowner while prowling in the area.

The sheriff’s office said several residents in the area reported the man prowling near multiple homes January 31. When responding to the call, deputies said the suspicious man was recognized by a homeowner as Jimmie Sanders and was shot in the leg. Sanders had apparently been in the area recently.

Sanders fled the scene on foot, but deputies were able to find him quickly. Paramedics were called and Sanders was taken to Brookwood Baptist Hospital in Jasper.

Deputies said during the investigation they were informed Sanders had broken into and taken items from multiple vehicles in the area.

The sheriff’s office said Sanders is in the Walker County Jail on “numerous counts of theft crimes.” He is expected to face more charges as the investigation continues.