UPDATE: Alabamians back home after being quarantined in Palestinian hotel amid coronavirus outbreak


13 church members from Mobile who were quarantined in their Palestinian hotel due to the coronavirus have returned home. (Source: Angela Thrash)

By Ashley Bowerman / WSFA

The 13 church staff members from 3Circle Church in Mobile who were quarantined on their mission trip to Bethlehem, Palestine, amid a coronavirus outbreak at their hotel have returned home.

Guy Sanders, father of Angel Thrash, who was one of the 13 quarantined along with her husband Jourdain, says all of the church staff members tested negative for the virus upon boarding a flight back to the United States. He says they will all remain quarantined for about another week at their homes, with frequent doctor check-ups to ensure that they are in fact free of the COVID-19 virus.

Had the trip gone according to plan, the group would have come home on March 12, but after being quarantined amid the outbreak for about a week and then testing negative, they are home early.