Jacksonville State University loans ventilators to Alabama hospitals


Jacksonville State University loans equipment to hospitals on the front lines of the pandemic (source: JSU)

WBMA | by Stephen Gallien

Three Alabama hospitals received ventilators to help with the expected surge of COVID-19 cases.

Jacksonville State University loaned ventilators from its respiratory therapy program to hospitals in Anniston, Gadsden and Birmingham.

“These are the same types of vents that these facilities use on a daily basis,” said Ed Goodwin, director of JSU’s respiratory therapy program. “They have the same modes and abilities as the ones they are currently using.”

JSU uses the equipment to train students in Alabama’s only baccalaureate program in respiratory therapy.

The university felt the ventilators could be put to better use on the front lines with the spring semester winding down as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.

“We work very closely with these facilities on a regular basis,” Goodwin said. “We cannot do what we do without their support, so we are happy to be able to help them in their time of need.”

Regional Medical Center in Anniston: A Puritan-Bennett 840 ventilator, a Servo-i ventilator, and a Trilogy 202 portable ventilator

Gadsden Regional Medical Center: A Puritan-Bennett 840 ventilator and a Philips V60 non-invasive ventilator

UAB Hospital: A Puritan-Bennett 980 ventilator

JSU officials said the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the respiratory therapy and the need for qualified respiratory therapists and the tools they need to do their job, like ventilators.

“This is why we started the program at JSU,” Goodwin said. “Our goal is to train future therapists who are ready to face whatever needs may arise. While respiratory therapy has been relatively unknown as a career choice, the pandemic has highlighted its importance. Hopefully, it will now get the recognition and support it deserves at the local, state and national level.”