The Status of Senator Randy Price


By Mrs. Oline Price


Oline Price
Last night was tough. He had a lot of trouble with his respiration and they had to increase his O2 on the ventilator. The nurse said he was restless and agitated. I wonder if it was because it was just really his second full day of being out of sedation and they did some physical therapy and maybe his mind started spinning and going into overdrive. The gave him something to slow him down a little this morning and it leveled his blood pressure and heart rate and raised his O2 stats also. They are going to check his blood gasses later today and if they have improved they may be able to reduce the settings on the ventilator. It is such a difficult thing to watch him make so much progress then take steps back but they warned us it is up and down and he has come such a long way in the last week and we are so thankful. Please keep praying for God to put His healing hands on Randy and bring him home to us.🙏❤🙏
Keep praying everyone! Keep praying!