American Red Cross of Alabama not seeing convalescent plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients

The American Red Cross is asking for donors to contribute convalescent plasma to help patients who are currently battling the coronavirus. (Source: WBTV)
By Lauren Jackson  / WBRC

With more than 80,000 confirmed positive Coronavirus cases across the state, doctors are pushing for recovered patients to donate plasma.

More than 32,000 people in the state have recovered from COVID-19, but The American Red Cross of Alabama- Mississippi says they haven’t even seen a fraction of those patients come in to donate convalescent plasma.

The American Red Cross of Alabama- Mississippi Spokesperson, Annette Rowland, said recovered Coronavirus plasma has antibodies that could help people with severe cases of COVID-19. It’s called convalescent plasma.

Rowland said they have only seen 65 donations in Alabama. She said they have seen 320 donations in both states combined. To donate, you have to have a confirmed COVID diagnosis and be at least 17 -years-old. Rowland said with case numbers rising in the state, they hope to soon see more donations.

“I think they are still a little hesitant about getting out and donating right now,” Rowland said. “But, it’s safe. It’s extremely safe. Even the U.S. Surgeon General said that donating blood and plasma blood products is a safe procedure and should be done for the country, so we are hoping to see those numbers increase.”

Rowland said more than 20,000 convalescent plasma donations have been made by the Red Cross nationwide.

Visit for more information on how to donate convalescent plasma to the Red Cross.