Chambers County School District Press Release 8/10/2020


By David L. Bell, Public Relations Director, Chambers County School District


As students and teachers prepare to re-enter their classrooms on Wednesday for in-person instruction, the Chambers County School District has completed its list of precautionary measures to help insure safety.

“Due to funding made possible by the federal CARES Act, we’ve been able to purchase items and make numerous improvements to mitigate the threat of COVID-19,” said Chambers County School Superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge. “Our administrators, staff, custodians and other support personnel have worked very hard to help make this transition back to the classroom a success.”

Reusable masks are being distributed to all students and employees, with teachers and administrators also receiving face shields. These facial coverings are required for all bus riders, and the student population as a whole, anytime they are in close proximity to each other. Hand sanitizing stations have been set up in numerous locations on each campus, and hand soap will be available in all restrooms.

Custodians at each school have been trained in the use of special sanitizing equipment, which can be used in the form of a spray bottle, back pack sprayer or fogger. This equipment will be utilized in classrooms, frequently touched surfaces, P.E. classes, buses, etc. In addition, posters will be displayed throughout each campus to remind students and employees about the importance of masks, including the proper way to wear them, hand washing and social distancing.

Every school will have a full time nurse on duty at all times. Isolation rooms have also been created at each facility in the event a student or employee is exhibiting symptoms. These locations provide a safe and secure area for students waiting to be picked up.

Furthermore, new procedures are being implemented according to the school district’s official reopening plan for bus transport, cafeteria and meals, and physical education activities.

“We’re asking parents or guardians to screen their children each morning for fever or other symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. Children exhibiting such symptoms should be kept home pending the results of a coronavirus test,” said Dr. Hodge. “If a student exhibits symptoms while at school, parents or guardians will be notified immediately, and the child should be picked up as soon as possible.”

Visitor access at all school facilities will be limited to lesson exposure, and virtual meetings, such as Open Houses, conferences, and other interactions, will be conducted whenever possible.

Chromebooks are available for all students who have chosen the virtual learning option in kindergarten through 12th grade. Virtual learning programs have also been purchased for elementary age students, students with special needs, and Career Technical courses. In an effort to improve Internet access in rural areas of the county, WI-FI is being installed on all school buses, and a limited number of hot spots are being created.