By Chief Johnny Allen, Lanett Fire and EMS

For Immediate Release—– Wednesday, December 23, 2020


During a Zoom meeting this morning with myself, Chief Mitt Smith of West Point Fire Department, Chief Kerry Pickard of East Alabama Fire Department and Santa Claus, we learned that Santa will make his rounds through our area on Christmas Eve. Santa said his trip here was never in doubt and that while the Covid Virus should be taken seriously by everyone, he would never let something called “Covid” stop him from visiting the wonderful children in Lanett, West Point and Valley.

Chief Kerry Pickard of EAFD, Chief Mitt Smith as well as Chief Johnny Allen of Lanett Fire & EMS have all confirmed that their departments will be assisting Santa with his visit around the Greater Valley Area as he gets ready to head back to the North Pole to prepare for his big night.

Santa’s local journey will begin around 1 o’clock PM on Christmas Eve at Givorn’s in Valley. He will travel north through the City of Valley and then cross I-85 (Exit 79) into the City of Lanett at approximately 6:00. Santa’s trip will then ride around the City of Lanett and the City of West Point before heading off to the North Pole.

All three of the local Fire Chiefs agree that it is not possible to say exactly where Santa will be at a given time but every effort will be made for everyone to see Ol’ Saint Nick. It may be possible to follow portions of Santa’s local trip via some social media pages. For more information in the City of Lanett call 334.644.5230 and Valley at 334.756.7150. PLEASE DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY.