ALEA PRESS RELEASE: ALEA Aviation Project Lifesaver Rescue Flight, 02/21/2021


Corporal Jeremy J. Burkett, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, DPS Director’s Office, Aide-De-Camp

Project Lifesaver Bracelet Assists in Rescue Mission

BIRMINGHAM – At approximately 7:15 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20, the Alabama Law
Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) Aviation Unit received a request to assist the
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with a search and rescue mission. The Sheriff’s
Office was in the process of searching for a Center Point man. Ronald Watkins,
77, went missing from his home earlier in the day, which initiated the response by the
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Fortunately, Watkins was wearing a Project Lifesaver bracelet, which was utilized by the ALEA Aviation Unit to gather a quality signal and identify his exact location. He was found near the intersection of Lake Drive and Huffman Road. Once located, Watkins was transported to a local hospital for medical screening and observation.

Project Lifesaver is a program designed to rapidly locate lost individuals who may
have cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome or autism.
Individuals with these special bracelets transmit a “chirp” to enable specially trained
ALEA Troopers and other law enforcement officers to use handheld antennae to
locate lost individuals of all ages.

Thankfully, this was another example of how Project Lifesaver’s technology and
partnerships between ALEA and local law enforcement agencies, such as the
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, prove working together saves lives.