By Major Mike Reynolds

Press Release
March 16, 2021
On March 8th at approximately 4:00 P.M. a shopper at Wal Mart (located at
3501 20th Avenue, Valley) entered the store and told management that she had been
stopped in the parking lot by a white male in a gold PT Cruiser and told that there
was a bomb in the store. Management decided to evacuate the premises and called
the police. The area was cordoned off by members of the Valley Police Department
and the East Alabama Fire Department. Officers conducted a visual search of the
building but could not locate any devices. A second search was then conducted using
explosive trained dogs from Auburn PD, Opelika PD, and the Lee County Sheriff’s
Office. They also failed to locate any devices. The scene was released and the store
was reopened at approximately 6:00 P.M.
Using the store’s video system, Valley Police Investigators were able to
identify the suspects vehicle. Investigators brought the vehicle owner in for an
interview and was told that he was in the parking lot waiting for his girlfriend to
finish shopping. When she returned to the vehicle, she told him that she had been
approached by a black male and he told her that there was a bomb in the building.
As they were leaving the driver stopped to warn a woman headed into the store that
there was “talk of a bomb”.
Valley Investigators then interviewed the girlfriend, identified as Cynthia
Ann Adamson (39 years old of Lanett). Adamson admitted that she had made up the
story about the bomb because she was mad at her boyfriend.
Adamson was then charged with False Reporting of an Incident (Class C
felony). She was processed at the Valley Police Department and then transported to
the Chambers County Detention Facility pending a bond hearing.