ALEA Troopers and ASTA Members Deliver Bears to Children in Montgomery Hospital


MONTGOMERY – Members of the Alabama State Trooper Association (ASTA) and Troopers with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) met outside Baptist Medical Center East, in Montgomery, on Thursday, Dec. 16, to participate in the Association’s Trooper Teddy Bear Delivery, a beloved Christmastime tradition.

The Trooper Association provides Trooper Teddy Bears to ALEA Troopers throughout the year to share with children who have been involved in or witnessed a traumatic event such as a serious traffic crash. During this time of year, they distribute the bears to little ones at hospital facilities across the state who may have to spend the holidays there instead of at home.

On Thursday, ALEA Troopers visited 14 children inside Baptist East and presented them with bears. Among the infants was the newborn grandchild of a retired Trooper.

The Trooper Teddy Bear delivery is an activity Troopers look forward to, and they say they get as much – if not more – out of it than the children who receive the stuffed animals. During this particular visit, a little boy came to the doorway of his hospital room to see a group of almost a dozen Troopers gathered in the hallway. After accepting his bear, he grinned and told one nearby Trooper he would name his new fuzzy friend Troy.